The MLB All-Star Game has had a lot of fun moments this year, and Nelson Cruz added one involved himself, Yadier Molina and umpire Joe West.

The MLB All-Star Game has always been a bit more of a relaxed time for the players and coaches involved, and we’ve seen a ton of fun moments already in the game so far. Now, you can add Nelson Cruz’s weird picture request to that list.

We’ve already had American League manager Brad Wells bringing in shirtless standees of Terry Francona into the AL locker room, Bryce Harper discussing his favorite team’s quarterback in Dak Prescott with Joe Buck, and now we have a weird photo op to add to the list.

Before his at-bat in the top of the sixth inning, Cruz decided to take advantage of a brief free moment to have National League catcher Yadier Molina act as a photographer real quick. However, rather than a selfie with Molina, Cruz wanted a picture with home plate umpire Joe West.

While it provided a brief moment without action in an already uneventful game at the plate, it did get some laughs out of the crowd, and West himself. Then, what may be even more impressive, Cruz just put the phone back in his pants and continued at the plate.

Maybe Molina was upset about getting left out of the picture in favor of an umpire, as he went on to hit a home run later in the inning when he stepped up to the plate with a bat, rather than a catcher’s mitt.

Either way, it’s always good to see players enjoying themselves out on the field in a low stakes environment, and goes to show how getting rid of the World Series home-field advantage makes the game more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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