The Canadian quartet stealthily added an “All Lives Matter” reference during the Canadian National Anthem at the 2016 MLB All-Star Game.

The MLB All-Star Game festivities are barely underway, yet controversy has already marred what is set to be an entertaining MLB matchup.

The Tenors, a Canadian quartet group, were brought on by Major League Baseball to sing “Oh Canada,” the Canadian National Anthem on behalf of the Toronto Blue Jays representatives and the fans at home. What caught Canadian fans off guard, however, was a stealth maneuver pulled that involved changing the lyrics to include a reference to “All Lives Matter.”

The original Canadian National Anthem’s third and fourth lines originally state, “With glowing hearts we see thee rise / The True North strong and free!” Instead, one of the Tenors changed the lyrics to state “All brothers and sisters / All lives matter to the great.” He also held up a sign that said “All Lives Matter.”

The Tenors, miraculously, pulled off the offensive trifecta; made the Canadian National Anthem about themselves, co-opted the anti-Black Lives Matter movement with the celebration of Canada and did so on American soil. All while Canadian Michael Saunders watched on in utter confusion.

Fox didn’t air the Canadian anthem to viewers in the U.S., but the change in lyrics was not lost on those living and working in Canada.

The MLB All-Star Game is currently being broadcast live on FOX.

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