The Orioles and star infielder Manny Machado failed to reach a contract agreement, an arbitration hearing is likely.

Upon Friday’s arbitration deadline around the MLB, the Orioles and star infielder Manny Machado have failed to come to terms. The two sides couldn’t agree on an amount for Machado’s arbitration-avoiding contract. Therefore, no contract was signed between the two sides and an arbitration hearing is likely.

According to reports and projections, Machado was to make in the ballpark of $17.3 million this upcoming season. However, his salary now rests in the hands of an arbitrator. Unless of course the two sides can come to terms using the Orioles’ “file and trial” system before the hearing.

Even though Machado is one of Baltimore’s best players, the two sides have drifted apart in recent months. Rumors of Machado wanting to be shipped elsewhere continue to surface. In addition, an arbitration case could make things even worse. But, the Orioles continue to stand their ground on the issue. Baltimore wants Machado to return next season, rather than trade him. However, Machado becomes a free agent following the 2018 season and would likely leave then. Therefore, the Orioles are in a tough position.

It’s rumored  Machado is looking for Josh Donaldson type cash this season ($23 million). However, it’s unlikely even though the 25-year-old has blossomed into one of baseball’s youngest stars over the last few seasons in Baltimore. Machado has hit .279 over the course of his six-year career in Baltimore. He’s also added 138 home runs. Ideally, the Orioles would love to keep Machado, but it seems unlikely for the time being. Baltimore’s AL East rivals — the New York Yankees — have been the biggest suitors of Machado. And when the Yankees come knocking, it’s hard to resist. The fate of Machado rests in his own hands.

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