There are still plenty of top FAs out there. The Baltimore Orioles should swoop in and sign righty Lance Lynn.

The Baltimore Orioles aren’t one of the best pitching teams in the MLB. In fact, they ranked 27th in all of baseball. They haven’t had a horse that the team can rely on. Baltimore has had a good offense but has lacked in the pitching department. Owner Peter Angelos doesn’t want to rebuild right now. He has no interest in trading off his face of the franchise. So, the Orioles are kind of in limbo at the moment.

Their farm system isn’t great, so there isn’t much trade ammo. Baltimore isn’t better than the Red Sox and Yankees. They are looking up at the moment from the AL East dungeon. The club could look to make a splash in the free agent market for a starting pitcher. Although the market is flooded with overpriced talent, the Orioles could sign someone.

A reported target for the team right-handed starting pitcher, Lance Lynn. Ken Rosenthal reported that the two parties haven’t gone far in talks. So, there is optimism for fans on that front. At least the team seems to be making an effort rather than doing nothing. Lynn is a reliable righty that can eat innings.

He had a good year in 2017, with a record of 11-8 and a 3.48 ERA in 186.1 innings. Since being in the MLB, he has always been a player who can throw more than 160 innings a year. In today’s game, the bullpen is brought in by the 5th or 6th inning.  So having a guy like Lynn to be an anchor isn’t a bad idea. The only thing that could steer teams away is his walk rate, which was 3.77 last year.

Baltimore isn’t great in the rotation or the bullpen. So adding a reliable and durable pitcher would help them out a little bit. Lynn would provide stability to a rotation that lacks it. He would be the closest the Orioles could have as an “ace”, unless Kevin Gausman reaches his ceiling.

But, the Orioles staff would still be improved with the signing. They do have young righty Kevin Gausman and veteran Chris Tillman. With that said, Baltimore should pay up for the former St. Louis Cardinal. The free agent freeze has been due to the player’s wanting a ton of money, and the owners not having any of it. But, maybe Angelos wants to cut the check and slow down the impending rebuild. A 4-year/$60 million dollar deal sounds realistic.

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