A sign referencing racism made an appearance on Wednesday night over the Green Monster in Fenway Park

While racism has sadly and unfortunately always existed in our country, the harsh reality is that we seem to have more and more reminders about it each day here in our lives in 2017. Because of the state of affairs our country has turned into regarding racism, more and more people are speaking out about the issue in various ways. One of these ways took place on Wednesday night at the Boston Red Sox game.

During the team’s game against the Oakland A’s on Wednesday, right over the famed Green Monster appeared a sign that read, “Racism is as American as Baseball.”

Umpire Joe West was able to get with the Boston Police Department to have the people removed from the stadium immediately and the sign taken down.


Racism is still prevalent in this country, which is something we unfortunately have drilled into our heads every day anymore. However, for change to happen, people generally feel they need to speak out and that seems to be what took place on Wednesday night in Boston inside Fenway Park.

Whether or not you agree with the protest on Wednesday doesn’t change the fact that we have an issue with the ugliness that is racism in our country in the year 2017. It’s a sad fact of the world that we live in, and something needs to eventually change.

While these protestors were removed from Fenway Park on Wednesday evening, this will not be the last we see of the protests against the sickening reality that is racism during the present day.

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