The Red Sox may have been eliminated from the playoffs, but the Yankees are still finding ways to destroy them.

The Red Sox were eliminated from the postseason in the ALDS by the Houston Astros. Their Twitter team has very little to post about during the offseason, but today’s a historic day in Red Sox history. Today marks an anniversary of one of the biggest moments in the 2004 ALCS, where the Red Sox came back from down 3-0 in the series to defeat New York. And of course, they had to let their rivals hear it.

However, the Red Sox Twitter team should’ve thought twice before posting this one. The Yankees jumped at the opportunity and responded to the Red Sox in the most savage way possible. The Red Sox called today “basically a holiday”, which it may be for them. But for the Yankees, it’s game day—a.k.a a “work day”.



There’s getting ethered and then there is this absolutely soul-crushing body slam off the top rope that the Yankees laid out on their rivals.

Furthermore, the Yankees invited their rivals to watch. They asked them to freaking watch! But only if they aren’t busy, of course, which the Yankees know damn well they won’t be. C’mon Yankees, the Red Sox have a family…

New York is in full savage mode following a Game 3 domination over the Astros in the Bronx. All offseason, the Astros’ Jose Altuve has been serenaded by Houston fans with an “MVP” chant. But, after breaking his slump with a three-run home run in the fourth inning, the Bronx serenaded Aaron Judge with an “MVP” chant of his own. That chant prompted a post on Yankees Twitter that read “Our MVP” followed by a video of the dinger. The New York Twitter team deserves a raise, to say the least.

They’ve been out in full savage mode as they’ve not held back and taken not-so-subtle shots at other teams.

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