Everyone knows Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton can flat out fly, but what you might not know is that he can climb walls too.

When you think of Cincinnati Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton, the first superhero that comes to mind is probably the Flash. Hamilton’s calling card has always been his speed, and his stolen base total is lofty once again.

But speed translates to defense, too, especially when patrolling the outfield. Opposing players have learned the hard way that there’s basically no place they can hit the ball that Hamilton can’t get it unless it’s over the wall.

That includes off the wall, because Hamilton can easily reach it and take extra bases away. He can even climb the wall, a la Spider-Man, if necessary. Carlos Asuaje of the San Diego Padres found that out the hard way Tuesday night.

Hamilton came up laughing after that one, but even that fits our Spider-Man theme since Marvel’s web-slinger is known to enjoy a good laugh or too, even when performing amazing feats.

It hasn’t been all laughs for Hamilton and the Reds in 2017, as Cincinnati was just 46-66 entering their game against the Padres. Hamilton is hitting just .250 on the season with an on-base percentage under .300 and 100 strikeouts, but he is leading the majors with 44 steals.

And then there’s his club, which has historically been good for at least 1 WAR all by itself. It doesn’t always require something as spectacular as he pulled off Tuesday, but it certainly can when necessary.

Peter Parker would approve.

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