Rich Hill dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates for nine innings, but then the 10th inning came around.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are on a historic pace this year, one that has even drawn comparisons to the 1998 Yankees.

Of all the accomplishments they achieved this season, they have yet to throw a perfect game or a no-hitter this year. Rich Hill came about as close as you can come to throwing the first Dodgers’ perfect game since Sandy Koufax did it back in 1965 against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday.

Hill is a rare breed for starting pitchers as he only throws fastballs and different variations of his curveball. He used those two pitches to get through eight perfect innings until Logan Forsythe committed an error on a ground ball to start the bottom of the ninth inning, breaking up the perfect game. Alas, he got no run support, and the score was tied 0-0.

The no-hitter, however, was still intact. That is until Josh Harrison hit a walk-off home run in the 10th inning.

So to recap the last three innings; Rich Hill had a perfect game through eight, a no-hitter through nine and then took the loss in the 10th. That’s just extremely unfortunate for a guy who seems to have blister problems every other week.

It gets worse, though. Hill is just the second player ever to lose a game in which he had a Game Score of 93 in nine innings. Wednesday’s game was also just the second complete game he’s ever thrown in the National League … and he lost that one too.

The Dodgers have basically steamrolled everyone they’ve played this season, so there’s no way we could possibly feel bad for them right? Well for the Dodgers probably not, but for a veteran like Rich Hill, you have to feel some sympathy for him.

Hill really is a fantastic pitcher especially when he has all variations of his curveball working. If it weren’t for the blister problems, dominating performances like this would probably happen more often.

I guess it’s true what they say. Life comes at you fast.

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