The Miami Marlins are set to have a fire sale this winter, and Dee Gordon is the first man out.

As they wait for Giancarlo Stanton to waive his no-trade clause, the new ownership of the Miami Marlins has made their plans to reduce payroll clear. In the first move to so, the Marlins have traded second baseman Dee Gordon to the Seattle Mariners.

Gordon hit .308/.341/.375 with 114 runs scored and a major league-leading 60 stolen bases last season, so he’ll definitely add some speed to Seattle’s lineup. He also won a Gold Glove in 2015. But general manager Jerry Dipoto has not met a trade he didn’t like over the last couple offseasons, and having Robinson Cano entrenched at second base was apparently not a factor in swinging a deal for Gordon.

On that note, the Mariners apparently (and obviously) have a plan for Gordon to switch positions.

Coming off a National League batting title in 2015, with a league-leading 205 hits and 58 stolen bases, Gordon signed a five-year $50 million deal with the Marlins in January of 2016. He promptly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in late April, and served an 80-game suspension. So the Marlins are getting some nice salary relief with the trade, while the Mariners are taking on the substantial commitment.

The Mariners have announced the details of the trade, with three minor leaguers headed to the Marlins for Gordon and $1 million in international signing bonus money.

In terms of the prospects Miami is getting for Gordon, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale does not see much.

The Mariners three lower-tier prospects suggests the Marlins are not picking up any of the money left on Gordon’s contract. That’s not too surprising, based on what we’ve seen and heard out of the Derek Jeter-led new ownership to this point.

The Marlins are no stranger to trading off veteran players to reduce payroll, it’s just that the two previous times they did it was after a World Series win. As for the Mariners, they are now in a little better position as they pursue Shohei Ohtani along with the addition of Gordon.

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