In a world full of fake news, the Washington Nationals have started fake rain delays. The tarp is on the field and it wasn’t going to rain for two hours.

Who do you trust in this crazy world of ours anymore? The internet? No way. We live in a world dominated by fake news and other things we didn’t know existed even three years ago. Apparently there is now something called fake rain delays in MLB. You can thank the Washington Nationals for that newfangled nonsense.

Washington was supposed to play their hated NL East rival Atlanta Braves for a series opener on Thursday night at 7:05 p.m. ET. Inclement weather was in the forecast on Thursday near Nationals Park, but that wasn’t coming until at least 9:00 p.m. ET. Well, that didn’t stop the Nationals grounds crew from unnecessarily covering the infield with that ugly tarp of theirs.

Did the Braves announcers and beat writers hate it? You better believe they did. Who does fake rain delays? By doing so, it basically made this East Coast game into a one-game West Coast road trip. At least both teams have to play in these conditions.

We can only begin to speculate what could happen at Nationals Park on Thursday night. Maybe there will be a real rain delay in the wee hours of Friday morning? If precipitation is coming, expect the players to play in monsoon like conditions, because that’s how this evening is going.

It wasn’t just Braves announcers and beat writers that hated this nonsense. Can you imagine being a Nationals fan that paid to go to this game? This is worse than being a Memphis Grizzlies fan and LeBron James decides he doesn’t want to play in the FedEx Forum the one time the Cleveland Cavaliers make it to Memphis in an NBA season. Washington should be embarrassed for this lack of playing ball.

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