The Cubs decided to delay a Tuesday morning workout over coronavirus testing concerns.

Later this month, Major League Baseball is all set to return for a 60-game regular season and fans couldn’t be more pumped to see the action get back underway. However, we can’t just pretend we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic, as cases of coronavirus in the USA continue to rise.

For the Chicago Cubs, the team is taking matters quite seriously and want to make sure both players and coaches are being kept safe. That much was made clear on Tuesday morning, as the team’s workout was delayed as officials waited to received coronavirus test results.

Kris Bryant said he wasn’t sure how safe he felt playing this year.

Across the bigs, players have shown increased concerns regarding the coronavirus. This even led to Atlanta Braves outfielder Nick Markakis opting out of playing in 2020. Star Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant also voiced his worries, saying there needs to be increased testing for players.

He made it clear some of his Cubs teammates arrived at camp on June 28 but had gone over a week without being tested for the virus. Players were told they’d be tested every other day, but early on, Bryant said that hadn’t been the case.

With the Cubs pushing their Tuesday morning workout back in order to wait for test results, it’s clear Bryant’s remarks didn’t go unnoticed by the front office or MLB as a whole.

This likely won’t be the last time things are altered for the Cubs because of the coronavirus and its testing. As we get closer to the MLB campaign kicking off, though, this surely is concerning, especially if it becomes a trend.

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