The fake wave is the absolute worst thing to happen to baseball since the actual wave.

Have you ever been in a critically important moment in the MLB and someone starts the wave? Picture this … It’s the bottom of the ninth and you’ve got runners on base and behind by one run. You need one run to tie and another to win. You’ve got your power hitter at bat and he’s got two strikes already on the board.

And then the guy next to you stands up screaming, poring his beer and popcorn all over your $100 jersey and all you want to do it see the pitch that was just thrown.

The wave sucks.

But it just got a whole lot worse because teams are now making their (stupid) virtual fans do the wave.

We don’t need to see these fake fans

We get it, there’s no fans. We all know why. We don’t need virtual fans. It’s pretty annoying and not at all clever and for goodness sake, let’s not make the fake fans do the wave.

What’s next? Are we going to have a virtual beach ball that’s been lobbed all over the stands land on the field too?

Bah humbug!

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