Tim Kurkjian is clearly not in the demographic that knows Pitbull’s music, so of course, Dan Le Batard made him do a lyric reading.

With the MLB All-Star Game and related festivities taking place in Miami, ESPN has a unique opportunity. See, the radio and TV simulcast of the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz is recorded in Miami, making it easy for baseball-related guests to appear in studio.

Long-time ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian did just that on Tuesday. With Pitbull appearing at Monday night’s Home Run Derby, and now surfacing as part of a group interested in buying the Miami Marlins, Mr. Worldwide became a topic of conversation.

Kurkjian is a quintessential baseball analyst through and through. It’s safe to assume he’s not on the cutting edge of what’s cool — or perceived to be cool by some people — on the music scene. So naturally, Le Batard and “Stugotz” had Kurkjian do a “dramatic” reading of some Pitbull lyrics live on the air.

The Big Lead has the extended video clip, with Kurkjian reading the following lyrics:

“Shimmy, shimmy, ya, shimmy yam, shimmy ya, I’m a dirty old dog all day. No way, Jose. Your girl only go one way ay mi madre.”

“Two plus two, I’m going to undress you. Three and three, you’re going to undress me. Four and four we’re going to freak some more.

Kurkjian was photographed with Pitbull on Monday night, so perhaps the seeds of a friendship are being planted in South Beach this week.

Then again, it’s likely they didn’t even know who each other was prior to this photo opportunity. In Pitbull’s case, he may need social media to remember the meeting. Kurkjian, for his part, deserves credit as well for being willing to take part in a bit of humorous embarrassment with Le Batard, knowing fully well it would get instant attention.

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