Everyone laughed after Tim Tebow was recently promoted within the Mets’ system, but yeah … WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!

There was recently some news in the Major League Baseball world that had everyone buzzing, and well, it had nothing to do with the highest level of the game either. Tim Tebow was promoted to High-A Ball in the New York Mets’ system, and with the poor season he was having so far, no one could really figure out why.

Yeah, well, Tebow is out here already trying to prove his naysayers wrong, which is kind of what he does sometimes.

The former Heisman Trophy winner made his debut with Port St. Lucie on Wednesday night, and not only did he get a hit early in the game, he followed that up with a 2-run home run. Yeah, that call-up isn’t so funny now, is it?!

Okay, yes I am joking and we shouldn’t really get ahead of ourselves. Tebow had his moments in the lower class of baseball, but ultimately, he turned out to be not really all that good. Again, that was the reasoning no one really understood why he was promoted to begin with.

Still, though, what are the chances? At this point you start to believe that things like this can only happen to someone the likes of Tebow. This is just his thing … he performs miracles. Hell, who knows, maybe this call-up is the turning point in his overall baseball career.

Then again, I’m just dreaming when it comes to something like that. Mainly, because like many others out there, I really want to see him get called up to the Big Apple at some point this year for fun. At this rate, we may all get that wish.

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