Ranking the Top 10 MLB All-Star Game classics of all-time.

The Midsummer Classic, the MLB All-Star Game has been one of the highlights of the summer sports calendar for decades. Providing many classic battles between the National League and the American League for bragging rights.

From the All-Star Game’s glory days before Interleague play to the current format with home field advantage and the World Series on the line, baseball’s All-Star Game has long been the best and most competitive in sports.

Because of the intense rivalry between the AL and NL, there have been many classic games through the years. From dramatic comebacks to late game drama to blowouts, there is a long list of All-Star Game moments that have stood the test of time and have been passed down through the 87 years of the game.

With the 87th MLB All-Star Game set to take place in San Diego, I have ranked the 10 best games to ever be played between the AL and NL. Here is that list.

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