On Wednesday, Nov. 8, Topps dropped two new baseball card sets. One is a celebration of the history of the MLB postseason while the other is a brand new high-end set with ridiculously tempting chases.

Wednesday, Nov. 8, will bring the release of Topps Archives Signatures Series – Postseason Edition and Topps Luminaries. Both sets offer collectors a unique product, and are made to satisfy the desires of specific types of collectors.

For MLB collectors who have personal collections of players who made iconic playoff runs during their careers, Archives Signatures Series – Postseason Edition is a home run. The set’s components exactly mirror that of 2017 Topps Archives Signatures Series – Active Player Edition, but the players featured in the Postseason Edition are limited to now-retired players who garnered fame for their accomplishments during MLB postseasons.

A box contains one encased card, which is guaranteed by Topps to be an on-card autograph on a buyback card. For those unfamiliar with the term, that means Topps bought the card, which was originally produced during the player’s career, back from a previous owner and had the corresponding player sign it.

Some of the greatest MLB players ever earned that distinction during the playoffs, so Postseason Edition represents a great chance to grab a piece of baseball history. History is exactly what is being made for Topps with the release of 2017 Luminaries.

This is the first time that Topps has produced this set, and for those willing to fork over the cash, the amazing value will illuminate their collections.

As is to be expected of a high-end product, Luminaries is packed full of autographed cards, memorabilia cards, and cards which combine those two elements. Topps also takes the trend of autographed booklet cards to the extreme.

According to the official checklist, the most unique element of this set is the booklet cards. Previous booklet cards on the market featured as many as nine different players’ signatures, but that is now an obsolete figure.

Collectors will find that “The Greatest Book Card” is appropriately named, as it features autographs of 30 of the most iconic players in MLB history in one card. Among the list of players are retired legends like Ken Griffey Jr. and active heroes like Clayton Kershaw.

As if 30 signatures of Hall-of-Fame inductees and hopefuls in one card wasn’t ridiculously amazing enough, Topps bests that with the 40-signature “Hit Kings Ultimate Book” and 50 signatures in the “Home Run Kings Ultimate Book.”

The Topps Hit Kings Ultimate Book, which features autographs of 40 of the best hitters in MLB history, is shown here. Photo courtesy of Topps.

While the 2017 MLB season may be over, Topps isn’t done with 2017 yet. Giving collectors access to these unprecedented collections of autographed and memorabilia cards is a great way to enter the final innings of the year.

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