Topps Transcendent MLB is back for 2017, and the high-end product features an amazing opportunity for a limited number of customers.

The MLB card collecting hobby was abuzz in 2016 with the premiere of a new product, Topps Transcendent. The product transcended not only previous highs for cost at $25,000 per wooden crate, but in content and perks as well.

Fans who visit on Wednesday, Dec. 13 can purchase one of the mere 87 copies of the product that Topps will produce. By doing so, they will be one of the recipients of not only the rare products inside the wooden crates produced especially for the set, but an invitation to a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Topps Transcendent Party debuted in 2016 with the opportunity for collectors who purchased the 2016 set to meet Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant. This year, the event returns with an exclusive opportunity to meet former home run king Hank Aaron. Only those with invitations included in boxes of Transcendent will be admitted to the event.

Some fans might pay Topps’ asking price just to have a chance to spend an evening with the living legend, but Transcendent delivers much more. The production run limit of 87 is a reference to the design of the base set of cards, a reproduction of Topps 1987 MLB cards. Each crate will contain a complete base set, including a complete reproduction set of Topps MLB Moment Sketch cards as well.

In addition, each box will come with 50 different autographed cards, all of which are guaranteed to be numbered to 25 or less. Each of the 87 boxes also offers a unique Aaron Judge Topps History autographed card and a unique oversized cut signature card from the likes of Honus Wagner and Joe DiMaggio.

To finish the autographed offerings, each box will also contain either an MVP Cut Signature card, an MVP Autograph card or an MVP Dual Autograph card. The autographs and dual autographs will feature wooden borders, and all the cards in all three categories will be unique.

Playing off the sketch card base set, each box will offer a unique card sketch card by artist Dan Bergren depicting historic moments in MLB or player portraits done by Mayumi Seto or Monty Sheldon on an actual baseball which has been authenticated by MLB as being used by the player whose portrait is featured.

The content of Topps Transcendent is beyond what most collectors could have hoped for, but adding the chance to meet one of the greatest hitters of all time is what truly makes the product transcendent.

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