Even with plenty of drama in Game 4 of the NLCS, it was a man in the stands who was on the minds of many viewers at home.

You don’t have to be dressed to the nines to attend the NLCS, but it definitely helps you stand out from the crowd if you show up in a tuxedo.

That’s exactly what happened Wednesday night at Wrigley Field, when “Tuxedo Guy” fascinated many fans watching the Dodgers and Cubs at home. A man just slightly to the first base side behind home plate was clearly visible in all the regular shots of the action, and he proved to be the subject of any number of tweets even in a tense elimination game.

Most fans just couldn’t believe Tuxedo Guy was so nattily attired or wanted to know who he was.

Other people had their own pet theories on who he might be.

And there were a variety of takes when Tuxedo Guy decided to loosen his tie, perhaps because the score was 3-2 in the late innings.

We’re thinking that if this wasn’t a playoff game with one team’s whole postseason on the line, someone would have taken a mic and gone to interview Tuxedo Guy. Did he actually head right to Wrigley after a wedding or some important business function? Or was he just trying to make the most of his time when he knew he’d definitely be on camera?

Either way, we tip our hats and loosen our bow ties to you, Tuxedo Guy. Thanks for keeping it classy in Chicago.

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