The baseball world responded to the Cleveland Indians winning streak on Twitter.

The Cleveland Indians have won 21 straight games, and have broken the American League record held by the 2002 Oakland A’s, who won. 20 games. They tie the 1935 Chicago Cubs for the longest uninterrupted winning streak in MLB history.

At the start of their streak the Indians were playing .552 baseball. The probability of them winning 21-straight is one in 263,000. At least their odds are better than someone winning the lottery.

As of today the Indians have managed to cut their magic number down to four. While the Dodgers magic number still stands at eight even though they were supposed to clinch back in July when they couldn’t lose.

The Indians twitter account has had some fun with the streak as well. Back in July 2016 the A’s poked fun at the Indians winning streak back then, but the Indians sure knew where to find that tweet on Tuesday.

As you might have surmised the Indians pitching staff has been nothing short of lights out. Corey Kluber leads the way for the pitching staff, and Mike Clevinger hadn’t given up a run during the streak until Wednesday. Put all of that together, and you get seven shutouts in 21 games, which is more than nine teams have all season.

The Cleveland Cavaliers broke the title drought for the city in 2016, and the Indians are trying to win their first World Series since 1948. As for the Browns, well they have some work to do. The Indians win streak (21) is more wins than the Browns have in their last 86 games (20). Maybe Kluber might be their next quarterback.

The most interesting thing about this streak is that only one player has appeared in every single game. That title belongs to Giovanni Urshela.

The streak is great, but I’m sure the Indians will tell you they won’t be satisfied unless they win a World Series this year. It may be a little more difficult this season due to the injuries they’ve suffered.

Bradley Zimmer is done for the year with a broken hand, Michael Brantley is still on the DL with an ankle injury, Andrew Miller has been on and off the DL with a knee injury and the team has even flirted with putting Jason Kipnis in center field.

Still, it appears nothing can stop the Indians.

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