You’d think that Bryce Harper playing catch in public for the first time since his injury would be big news, but people were focused on his new ‘do instead.

Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper hasn’t been in the lineup for nearly a month after he injured his leg on an otherwise routine play. He’s on the mend, however, and was spotted walking the stadium stairs and doing other physical activity on Tuesday.

Exciting, right? The kind of thing that would be the center of attention for portions of the baseball world, correct? Well, under normal circumstances, yes.

That was not the case on this particular day. You see, Bryce Harper decided to rock a new hairstyle, one of many in his arsenal of looks over the years.

And let’s just say that Twitter had some reactions to it.

Love the boldness of those cornrows, plus they create an intense feeling of jealousy in those of us who never had and never will have hair luxurious enough to braid in quite that manner — or any manner, to be blunt.

The hubbub raises an interesting question, though: is that really Harper in the picture? Many people thought it was not, and that the outfielder was just having fun with everyone.

However, Yahoo Sports thinks it really is Harper, and while we might not know for certain right away, that’s one site that knows its baseball. So we’re going with, “yes, it’s really him” unless he pops up later on social media and laughs at all of us who bought into it.

Regardless, the Nationals would be crazy not to be overjoyed at Harper returning soon no matter how his hair looks when he comes back. You do you, Bryce Harper. You do you.

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