Watch the unique way the Giants threw at the Astros from every angle (video)

This season is turning into being so incredibly rewarding for pretty much everyone except the Houston Astros. The cheaters Astros have been targeted at pretty much every single game since the shortened 2020 season began. And now the San Francisco Giants have created a whole new fear for players.

In this play, seen below from multiple angles, the Giants’ third baseman was throwing to home plate in order to get Alex Bregman out but instead beamed him in the shoulder.

The Astros are having a difficult 2020 season

Sorry, not sorry.

We aren’t even mad that the Astros are winning, it was inevitable playing the Giants. We are just glad the Giants are having some fun with the beaming trend.

This incident comes just days after the Oakland Athletics and the Astros got into a bench-clearing brawl which will likely see suspensions and fines. Again … worth it.

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