It’s obviously still a few months away, but where is the MLB All-Star Game this year?

Since an embarrassing tie at Milwaukee’s Miller Park in 2002, the MLB All-Star Game has carried the extra weight of home field advantage in the World Series for the winning league. Expanded rosters have also helped avoid a tie, but surely no one remembers who won each year’s gathering of All-Stars until the World Series comes around in October.

Opening Day 2017 is on the horizon, finally, after what has seemed like a lengthy spring due in part to the World Baseball Classic bringing an earlier start. But you may already be wondering, as  a forward-thinking baseball aficionado, when and where is the All-Star Game this year?

For the first time in franchise history, the Miami Marlins will be the host for All-Star festivities in 2017. Marlins Park, already going into its sixth season as the team’s home, will be the venue for the mid-summer classic on Tuesday night, July 11, 2017. So the best players in the big leagues will be “taking their talents to South Beach” this July, like LeBron James announced he would do back in July 2010.

Marlins Park is very unique facility, to put in mildly. A nightclub (with a swimming pool), a bobble head museum, saltwater fish tanks and other bold features which clearly reflect South Florida flair and culture. Fans could easily consider Miami for their family summer vacation this year, with a baseball twist of course, even in the heat of Florida in July.

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