The 88th MLB All-Star Game will be on Tuesday, July 11 this season. Which ballpark gets to host this year’s Mid-Summer Classic?

As the 2017 MLB season is about to get underway, outside of Opening Day, there is one event that all 30 franchises can legitimately get excited for: the 2017 MLB All-Star Game. Regardless of a team’s record, all 30 MLB franchises will have at least one player present at the 88th Mid-Summer Classic.

The 2016 MLB All-Star Game saw the American League defeat the National League 4-2 to garner home-field advantage for the 2016 World Series. Frankly, that didn’t matter, as the Chicago Cubs were able to defeat the Cleveland Indians in a pivotal Game 7 at Progressive Field in Cleveland.

For the first time since the infamous tie in 2002 MLB All-Star Game in Milwaukee, the 2017 MLB All-Star Game will not determine home-field advantage in the World Series. Major League Baseball has wisely opted to go with the team with the better regular season record in figuring out the home/road split for the 2017 Fall Classic.

This year’s All-Star Game will be on Tuesday, July 11. Last year’s game went off without a hitch at Petco Park in San Diego. So which city and ballpark get to host this year’s All-Star Game?

For the first time, the city of Miami will be the hosts for the MLB All-Star Game. All of that weekend’s festivities will take place at Marlins Park. It was only a matter of time before Miami got an All-Star Game anyway.

Miami has host Super Bowls for years, so the city is well-equipped to host a league showcase like this. Expect players to want to do everything in their power to make it to the Mid-Summer Classic. Who wouldn’t want to spend the weekend playing baseball with the best players in the sport in an electric city like Miami?

Expect the odd angles in the outfield and the inherent humidity in South Beach to have an effect on the outcome of both the Home Run Derby and the game itself.

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