The Yankees and the Tigers had quite the brawl during the final game of their three-game series. The league will have some suspensions to hand out but who should they be given to?

The score was secondary in a game that the Tigers won, 10-6. The headline was the benches clearing brawl that took place in the 6th inning. But let’s begin with all of this a couple of innings earlier.

Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez crushed his fourth home run of the series in the 4th inning off of Michael Fulmer. Next time up, Fulmer made sure lightning wouldn’t strike twice. Sanchez wore a Fulmer fastball right in the hip, no warnings were issued.

When Miguel Cabrera came to bat in the 6th inning, the Yankees had revenge on their minds. A pitch from reliever Tommy Kahnle sailed behind the back of the Tigers’ slugger. Kahnle was ejected immediately but that is when the drama started. Yankees’ manager Joe Girardi was tossed because of the lack of warning before Kahnle’s ejection.

Aroldis Chapman was brought into the game but as he was warming up, Cabrera and catcher Austin Romine had some words for each other. Once Romine removed his mask, Cabrera shoved him and punches were thrown. This caused the benches to clear.

After the situation calmed down, the game resumed but the madness was not done. In the 7th inning, Yankee reliever Dellin Betances threw a pitch that hit Tigers catcher James McCann in the head. Betances was ejected and the benches cleared again.

It did not end there. In the 8th inning, Tigers reliever Alex Wilson hit Todd Frazier with a pitch. And for the third time, the benches cleared. Wilson was thrown out on the spot and Tigers manager Brad Ausmus got tossed as well.

To review, here are all of the players who got thrown out: Tommy Kahnle, Miguel Cabrera, Austin Romine, Miguel Cabrera, Dellin Betances and Alex Wilson. Both team’s managers were ejected along with Yankees’ bench coach Rob Thompson.

After an incident like this, there will likely be some ejections handed out. But who should receive one?

Miguel Cabrera and Gary Sanchez will likely receive the longest suspensions due to punches being thrown. Austin Romine will likely receive a shorter one for the initial issue with Cabrera. Tommy Kahnle and Michael Fulmer could receive suspensions for throwing at the batters but it is not a guarantee. Lastly, Alex Wilson and Dellin Betances could receive a very short suspension if the league wants to use them as an example but it is unlikely they receive anything.

It is very likely that these teams will be without their two best hitters, Sanchez and Cabrera, for a little bit of time.

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