Turns out there is a point at which the man who let it ride on the first six games of the World Series is willing to take his winnings and walk away.

When we first realized that the man who bet $8 million on Game 6 of the World Series had won his bet once the Dodgers disposed of the Astros on Tuesday night, some of us at FanSided.com had an immediate debate about what he should do for Game 7.

The responses ran the gamut. Let it ride one more time, as the bettor described as under 30 and Eastern European had done to amass his millions over the first six games of the Fall Classic. Bet some, say $5 million, and pocket the rest, assuring yourself of a seven-digit win even if things went awry.

In the end, though, it appears he’s going to take all of his winnings and say that’s enough (via Sports Illustrated).

On one hand, the sportsbooks are probably glad because of the downside it would pose if the man won one more bet. Then again, it’s unclear whether he placed all of his previous bets at the same place, because if he did, the casino is probably regretting the opportunity to win its money back on Game 7.

As SI noted, while it seems the fascination with this particular World Series bettor is at an end thanks to his decision to take the money and run, there’s still the question of whether his identity will ever become known. Here’s hoping someone gets him for an exclusive interview once this thrilling World Series is over, and if you want to go with FanSided, we’d be honored.

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