With Manny Machado being placed on the trading block by the Orioles, the Yankees are apparently doing their due diligence.

With all of the Giancarlo Stanton-New York Yankees drama out of the way, one of the hot topics of the MLB Winter Meetings surrounds whether or not the Baltimore Orioles could swing a trade for star third baseman Manny Machado. It was revealed on Tuesday that the Orioles are ready to listen to some offers, and if they could find the right one, they’ll ship him off to another organization before he hits free agency next season.

Of all the teams making phone calls about the availability of Machado, most would figure the Yankees would not be one of them. After the absurd deal with the Marlins to bring Stanton to the Bronx, surely they’re done making any sort of splash this week, rather focusing their attention on some smaller business.

Well, you would be wrong to assume that. According to Buster Olney, general manager Brian Cashman and the Yankees organization have expressed some interest in potentially dealing for Machado.

Now, is there a likelihood this deal actually happens? No, probably not. The Yankees are making some necessary phone calls, sure, but that’s probably about as far as this will go this week between the two sides. If the Orioles are going to put Machado on the block, Cashman and his team at least have to ask a few questions.

If anything, should Machado become a member of the Yankees in the near future, it’ll be just when most have been expecting his addition to the roster to happen — next year when he’s a free agent on the market.

But, I guess you never know with this Yankees team clearly on a mission to win a World Series immediately. Realistically, how many people out there believed they’d be out there flaunting Giancarlo Stanton this week?

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